iDEFA - Advocacy



We believe that free exchange of information, space for expression and opportunity for active participation of citizens are essential conditions for the development of a democratic society. We view independent media and cultural freedom as basic requirements for citizens to inform themselves, express their opinions, get involved in social issues and thereby develop a sense of shared responsibility for society.

During the Arab Spring, for example, bloggers and cyber dissidents were the drivers of resistance against oppressive regimes, unleashing unprecedented levels of collective civil action. These changes in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have inspired citizen action around the world, including in non-repressive contexts like India and Chile. Internet Freedom Foundation for Africa sees this as a window of opportunity to further capitalize on our efforts to promote, safeguard and anchor Internet Freedom into legislation and societies in Africa.

Stimulating the use of ICT & Media in development interventions has been policy priority for the last 2 years.

First, research and training are necessary to teach bloggers, activists and human rights defenders on the ground how to use secure communication strategies (Prevention). Second, iDEFA aims to enhance internet freedom by advocating for proper and inclusive internet governance regulation and by supporting initiatives that preserve citizens’ privacy and protect them from government and private sector intrusion (Policy & Privacy). Third, iDEFA believes it is essential to put pressure on regimes that abuse human rights online in Africa.